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Shipping costs, revocation and warranty

Delivery time EU not EU
Revocation 14 days                  –   €           39,00 €
Warranty 1 year                  –   €                  –   €

Despatch types

Your order will be shipped via DHL.

Delivery times

Your order will be shipped to you within 48 hours on weekdays. You can see the average delivery times of the consignment in the table below. Countries not listed can be found on the DHL International website or can be requested from us.

 Countries Delivery time (workdays)
Deutschland 1–2
Australien 11
Frankreich 3
Großbritannien inkl. Nordirland 2–3
Irland 3–4
Italien 3
Kanada 10
Niederlande 2
Norwegen 7–8
Österreich 2
Polen 2–3
Portugal 4–5
Schweden 3
Schweiz 4
Spanien 4–5
Türkei 10–15
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika 10–12

Eine Sendungsverfolgung ist für alle Zielländer über möglich.


Sonic Sales does not assume any customs or other costs that may be incurred.

Non-EU countries

If your order goes to a country outside the EU, there may be additional costs, customs duties, taxes, etc.
We ship the goods according to the Incoterm DDU (“duties and taxes unpaid”), i.e. we bring your order to the place of delivery, but are not responsible for additional local taxes or customs costs.

The person who receives the package will be responsible for any additional costs of importing the products (even if the order is rejected).

It is also possible that the delivery of the order may be delayed for customs inspection reasons.