Do you like dancing with headphones on?

When was the last time you danced with headphones on? Just like that. Alone in your home, or somewhere out in the street?

Did you know that silent discos and mobile clubbing have been around in different places all over the world for more than 15 years? There’s no music from speakers, and everyone dances with headphones on instead. In fact, the first mention of this kind of headphone-only party was almost 50 years ago, when this kind of event was shown in a Finnish science fiction film made in 1969 called Ruusujen Aika. The first outdoor parties with headphones were organised in the 1990s by environmentalists, and they were designed to let people have a party in the open air without disturbing the flora and fauna.

It’s true that it’s great fun to listen to loud music from loudspeakers and feel the sound reverberate through your body. But the neighbours will feel it too. Wearing headphones makes listening to lively music just as good! The sound that is produced by hër is carefully calibrated so that you will hear all your favourite music genres in the best possible sound quality.

You should try it! The concept behind hër is the idea that you can do anything when you are wearing your headphones, and they will always fit perfectly. From KPOP KPOP to Dubstep.

There’s something very special about dancing with headphones on. Whether you are on the move or relaxing at home. It’s great for those who are doing it, and for others who are looking on. What do you think? Can you imagine yourself swaying through the underground with your favourite song?