Music to the ears: Headphones as a gift

Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day – the year offers countless occasions to give something away. But finding the right gift for a woman, best friend or sister is often not that easy.

We’ll show you why headphones are the ideal audio gift for everyone and what’s important when you buy.

Last Minute Gift Idea for Women

A good pair of headphones is one of the many things you don’t know you need until you own them. If you have a friend who still uses her old school headphones, it’s time to upgrade. Headphones have become a popular accessory over the years, making them the perfect gift for your music-loving loved ones.

Anyone who now thinks that headphones are an impersonal and boring gift is mistaken. Rather, it shows that you care about the recipient and that their well-being is close to your heart. What other gift supports so much the statement “I accept and support you that you need time for yourself from time to time” if not headphones?

Eyecatcher present for the fashion-conscious girlfriend

In the past, it was important that the sound quality of headphones was right. The appearance was a minor matter. Nowadays headphones are not only functional, but also stylish. Technical sophistication combined with a feminine design make hër headphones the perfect audio gift for birthday or Christmas.

Headphones should match every outfit and style. That’s why models in natural colours and neutral tones are very much in vogue.
The natural-coloured canvas bag protects the headphones from dirt and scratches and fits in every handbag. And if you don’t have a bag with you, you can also wear the headphones casually around your neck!

Time out on the road

Life would be far too boring without music – so that your wife, best friend or big sister can enjoy her favourite soundtrack in public, new headphones are essential and a great gift idea.

With music on your ears, it’s easier to switch off while you’re on the train home or going for a walk. They should be practical and comfortable. A long-lasting battery life is also important if you want to enjoy music for a long time on the move. The headphones shine with a battery life of 21 hours and do not press on the ears even after prolonged wearing. The soft leather ear cushions and padded earpiece ensure a high level of wearing comfort.
Anyone who travels a lot and often sits in an airplane knows how important comfortable and powerful headphones are. Flexibility has high priority here, so a model with cable and Bluetooth function is the perfect solution. So you can keep listening to music even when the battery is flat.

Sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth

Gifts from the audio sector are no longer just for men. Many women are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the technical progress of the 21st century, as headphones & co. have developed into a fashion statement in the meantime.
Headphones are also a suitable gift for sports aficionados, because sporting performance is improved by listening to music. Fast beats motivate you during training and with a stylish pair of headphones you can listen to your favourite workout playlist even better. Wireless headphones are the better choice so that freedom of movement is not restricted during sports such as jogging or strength training.
Wireless headphones are the perfect solution for sports. On-ear headphones have control buttons for volume control and title playback. So the smartphone can simply be put aside or packed in a suitable storage facility, everything else is controlled directly on the headphones!

For audio book fans

Relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea and a cuddly blanket and listening to your favourite author’s new audio book is for many an indispensable relaxation ritual. With headphones, your girlfriend can devote herself completely to her new audio book without any disturbance and create her own little quiet zone in the living room. No matter how loud the roommate sings in the shower or the man watches his favorite show.

Audio gift idea with added value

Instead of just giving pleasure to the recipient, gifts with ethical added value are a special surprise. Especially on festive occasions like Christmas we want to do something good for others, so why not kill two birds with one stone? When you buy your headphones, 3% of the profits go to the UN Women organisation, which promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women.


A gift with real women power!


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